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Painless Teeth Bleaching in just 30 Min's at Seraphic Dental Indore

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Teeth bleaching at Seraphic : Wow results / No side effects

Bleaching simply means to whiten your teeth and get rid of the discolouration. There are a handful of methods for this. Doctors at Seraphic thoroughly understand your case and suggest you the best solution for you.

The idea is to give the best combination of hydrogen peroxide, carbide peroxide and laser lights on your teeth to get sparkling white teeth in quick time. Dr Vishakha and her team always keeps in mind that there should be no functional side effect like gum irritation or teeth sensitivity when they suggest any bleaching treatment.

I need bleaching if i have

Yellowish deposits
Reddish pan masala stains
Staining because of medicines
Flourosis Stains
Smoking Stains
Discoloration because
of tooth enamel wear

Learn the Procedure of bleaching by Dr Vishakha Jain


1. A rubber guard is applied to isolate the concerned area and a gel is applied on your gums


2. Bleaching agent is applied on your teeth in a tray and kept for around 10 minutes


3. A curing light (light of specific colour) is shown on the teeth


4. The bleaching agent is washed out and you get shiny whiter teeth!

Advantages of teeth bleaching at Seraphic Indore


Painless process - no need of local anaesthesia as well


Visible results in no time - you see difference in teeth shade instantly!


We don’t use any harmful chemicals in bleaching


No downtime or recovery time. You can resume your normal work and diet the same day


Long lasting results - we use branded kits only which give good longevity to our results.


No side effects like teeth sensitivity or gum inflammation

Do's and dont's for whiter teeth

Avoid frequent Tea/Coffee intake
Increase eating Green leafy veggies & fruits
Do proper teeth brushing specially before you sleep at night
Avoid smoking

Home bleach or at your dentists place ?

The American Dental Association still recommends dentist-supervised whitening as being the safest for your tooth enamel. The products used by dentists are also more effective at getting rid of deep stains. However if you do choose to purchase whitening products over the counter, always first consult with your dentist and discuss about safe products. Dentists will suggest you such products which have been evaluated and are found to be safe and effective.

Home whitening kits use the active ingredients in lower concentrations than you will see in a dentist’s clinic. For this reason it will take more time for producing good results with home whitening kits, where as you will get quick result in a dental clinic.


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    Experienced Doctors

    Your health is your most important asset. You should entrust it only to the best professionals.

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    Personalized treatments

    All treatment plans we make are fully customized as per the requirements of individual patients and we leave no stone unturned in giving the best possible solutions in terms of aesthetics , feel & function.

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    Quality & Safety

    All equipments and armamentarium used at Seraphic are best of quality and brands in industry with the vision to deliver the best known results worldwide. All team members at Seraphic have been trained thoroughly to assist in any situation.

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    Immediate Service

    Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

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    No Downtime

    Treatments are quick and effective with very little downtime. Patients are free to resume their normal life soon.

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    All procedures at Seraphic Dental are USFDA-compliant. No compromise on medical standards.

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    The office is spotless clean and sanitized. The staff maintains all health and safety protocols.

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    Minimum sittings

    We value our clients’ time. We execute our procedures in a planned manner, making the treatment as comfortable as possible.



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