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Say Goodbye to removable "Battisi" & get full mouth fix teeth in just ONE DAY at Seraphic Indore

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We're proud to be India's finest Dental Implant Clinic

Seraphic Dental offers fully functional ‘Fix teeth’ from no teeth situation in just 1 day. Enjoy all your favourite food right away.

Unequivocally Dental Implants are the best and the most recommended solution for missing teeth replacement. However with traditional Implants, the results are not instant. Typically, it takes 3-4 months to develop fully functional teeth. Now with latest technology at Seraphic we have made this possible to deliver full mouth fix denture in just 1 day.

Modern day Implants coupled with expert hands at Seraphic strategically engage the densest part of jawbones (cortices). They rely only on the cortices owing to their novel design. Hence, they can bear the chewing load instantly. Whereas, the traditional Implants take a few months to be able for load-bearing. 

Dental Implants help us get rid of all the limitations put by traditional dentures and bridges.

Insights of Basal or Strategic Implantology

Basal Implantology is a perfect blend of the rules of traditional dental implantation and modern orthopedic surgery. This is an extraordinary invention since it requires the least time. Also, it is minimally invasive as compared to traditional Implant workflow.

With Strategic Dental Implants, you can have a robust set of teeth in just one day.

The process is rapid—we remove the teeth (in case you have a dental problem that requires tooth-extraction) and fix the implants the same day.

Strategic Dental Implant has become a sensation in the world of Dentistry, as it is the next substantial resource to natural teeth.  This modern method has turned out to be revolutionary, replacing traditional dental Implant methods. A less than optimum volume of jawbones- a condition seen in many patients- do not restrict Basal implants.

Above all, it requires no surgery (no cuts over the gums hence - no blood) making it a painless procedure for the patients.

The results look natural and feel lively. Implants are exceptionally substantial and last a lifetime with proper care.

People with Diabetes and addiction to smoking are also fit for ‘basal dental implants’. The treatment comes with no limitations and provides a permanent painless solution within the same time frame. It is affordable and worth the every penny u liquidate.

USFDA Approved Procedures

No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless*.

Min 10 Years of warranty on Implants & Teeth

What is the procedure for Basal or Strategic Implant placement?


Day 1: Extraction of the unprofitable teeth (if any) and placement of Basal Implants


Day 2: A trial of the proposed teeth framework (metal framework).


Day 3: Placement of the beautiful permanent teeth.


Voila! You just got what they call a ‘perfect set of teeth’ in just 24 hours. Shine and Smile.

Advantages of Strategic or Basal Implants 


No bone grafting required

Patients with less than optimum bone volume can have this treatment. It does not require additional procedures like bone grafting.


Quick treatment option

Patients have their teeth fixed in 48-72 hours, directly after removal of the old ones.


One time Job

It requires a single surgery. No need for incisions (cuts) and stitches as it is keyhole surgery.


High Success rate

Basal Dental Implants have an excellent success rate.


Very good acceptance

There is negligible scope of infection or swelling around the Implants.


Long lasting results

With proper care, Implants sustain a long time. Do not worry even if you do not have any tooth. Our Implant specialists will create a sparkling set of teeth for you, in just one day.

Immediate Implants

Our USP Treatment

How do you choose your dentist for Implant procedures ?


Know the credibility and the expertise of your surgeon.


Examine the working & hygiene standards of the clinic. 


Ask you dentist to show you some pictures of the patients they have treated with such procedures


Ask you dentist to provide you contact numbers of few patients treated by these procedures- so that you can hear their experience.


Know about the aftercare & support your dentist will provide after the procedure.


Compare the cost of procedure and the implant system (company) which is suggested to you.

Removable Denture v/s Fix Denture: All you need to know

Only some dentists in India are qualified to install these Implants. You should always get such special treatments after due diligence. Know the credibility and the expertise of your surgeon. Examine the standards of the clinic. 

Your teeth are precious, and you deserve the best.

Seraphic offers the best Dental Implants in Indore. We provide luxurious yet affordable dental treatments.

Seraphic is a ray of change, a holistic environment where technology meets personalized care.

What Our Experts Say


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    Experienced Doctors

    Your health is your most important asset. You should entrust it only to the best professionals.

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    Personalized treatments

    All treatment plans we make are fully customized as per the requirements of individual patients and we leave no stone unturned in giving the best possible solutions in terms of aesthetics , feel & function.

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    Quality & Safety

    All equipments and armamentarium used at Seraphic are best of quality and brands in industry with the vision to deliver the best known results worldwide. All team members at Seraphic have been trained thoroughly to assist in any situation.

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    Immediate Service

    Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

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    No Downtime

    Treatments are quick and effective with very little downtime. Patients are free to resume their normal life soon.

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    All procedures at Seraphic Dental are USFDA-compliant. No compromise on medical standards.

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    The office is spotless clean and sanitized. The staff maintains all health and safety protocols.

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    Minimum sittings

    We value our clients’ time. We execute our procedures in a planned manner, making the treatment as comfortable as possible.



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