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Correct colour, shape & gaps of your teeth with Dental Veneers at SERAPHIC !

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How do Veneers at Seraphic Dental Indore help you Smile Perfect?

Veneers are thin shell-like coverings that are placed over the front (visible) part of the teeth. They stick to the teeth to provide a standard shape and appearance that looks purely natural.

Be it worn, discolored, or misaligned teeth. If your teeth have cracks and gaps. Veneers are a one-stop solution for all your cosmetic needs. They are one of the most contemporary and practical tools in cosmetic dentistry. 

USFDA Approved Procedures

No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless*.

Min 10 Years of warranty on Implants & Teeth

1 Day Procedure

Understand the use of Veneers

Giving a pleasing
appearance to the stained teeth that otherwise cannot be whitened by bleaching
To cover chipped
or worn teeth
To cover and
strengthen thinned out teeth
To cover uneven
spaces or large gaps
between the teeth.

What's the exact procedure to apply Veneers


First, our dentists design a fresh smile using wax on stone models.


Then, they create a personalized set of teeth as per your desire. We ensure that you see the ultimate product before proceeding with the treatment- thanks to the perfect DIGITAL SMILE DESIGNING AT SERAPHIC. This is a trial (just as we try clothes to see how they look)


Hence, you can always tell if you are happy with the shape and size of the proposed teeth. After your approval, the actual preparation of the teeth begins.


Now, we make an impression of your teeth and move towards making the Veneers. (In the meantime, you may use temporary veneers)


When the permanent veneers are ready, we fix them to your teeth. It takes 2-3 appointments (3-7 days) to complete the treatment. Veneers can easily sustain for many years.

What makes Veneers so popular?


Veneers give your teeth 100% natural look and feel


They are made of porcelain or composite which makes them absolutely mouth friendly & biocompatible


Veneers are very Long lasting treatment option. You get Veneers & dont look back for years!


We require minimum preparation of natural teeth to make Veneers. Hence retaining nautural tooth structure as much as possible.


You can see your future smile even before starting the treatment with digital smile design softwares.


You can adress shape/ size & color of your teeth at the same time with veneers! 3 in 1 joy.

What Our Experts Say


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    Experienced Doctors

    Your health is your most important asset. You should entrust it only to the best professionals.

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    Personalized treatments

    All treatment plans we make are fully customized as per the requirements of individual patients and we leave no stone unturned in giving the best possible solutions in terms of aesthetics , feel & function.

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    Quality & Safety

    All equipments and armamentarium used at Seraphic are best of quality and brands in industry with the vision to deliver the best known results worldwide. All team members at Seraphic have been trained thoroughly to assist in any situation.

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    Immediate Service

    Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

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    No Downtime

    Treatments are quick and effective with very little downtime. Patients are free to resume their normal life soon.

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    All procedures at Seraphic Dental are USFDA-compliant. No compromise on medical standards.

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    The office is spotless clean and sanitized. The staff maintains all health and safety protocols.

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    Minimum sittings

    We value our clients’ time. We execute our procedures in a planned manner, making the treatment as comfortable as possible.



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